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2D Aniso & 3D Parametric Surface Meshes

  Anisotropic triangle and quad meshing with CM2 TriaMesh Aniso® and CM2 QuadMesh Aniso®
  In all these examples, a background mesh has been used to specify the metric field over the domain.
For the "gaussian hat" example, the background mesh is generated automatically in the 3-D surface meshing routine. For the other examples, a user-defined background mesh has been used.

See also the examples of remeshing on 3-D tessellated (STL) surfaces.
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2-D anisotropic meshes

Gaussian hat (isotropic meshes on the 3-D surface)

Cone with spiral refinement (isotropic mesh on the 3-D surface)

Last Updated ( Friday, 31 May 2013 )