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3D Surface Remeshing

  3D triangle and quad STL remeshing with CM2 SurfRemesh T3® and CM2 SurfRemesh Q4®
  Want to (re)mesh a complex 3D surface ? CM2 SurfRemesh T3 and CM2 SurfRemesh Q4 are the best tools for that !

CM2 SurfRemesh T3 and CM2 SurfRemesh Q4 are 3D surface remeshers, i.e. meshers on facetized 3D surfaces. They address the problem of remeshing an existing 3-D surface mesh such as STL tesselated surfaces or any strained/bad meshes. They can optimize, refine or decimate. Work on non-manifold 3-D surfaces.

Whereas CM2 SurfRemesh T3 generates only triangle meshes, CM2 SurfRemesh Q4 can do all-quad and quad-dominant (mixed quad/triangle) meshes. CM2 SurfRemesh Q4 generates good all-quad meshes on regular 3-D surfaces. On highly distorted or complex surfaces, it generates better meshes if allowed to use some triangles (quad-dominant mode).
CM2 SurfRemesh Q4 can also be used to transform a surface triangle mesh into a all-quad or mixed quad-dominant mesh.

CM2 SurfRemesh T3 can be chained with CM2 TetraMesh for volume meshing.
CM2 SurfRemesh Q4 can be chained with CM2 HexaMesh for volume meshing.

To evaluate yourself these remeshers, please fill-out this form.

See also the examples of meshing on parametric (non discretized) surfaces.

Last Updated ( Friday, 31 May 2013 )