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Tetrahedral Meshing

  Tetrahedral meshing with CM2 TetraMesh®
  Looking for a professional C++ tetrahedron mesh generator to integrate quickly into your applications ? CM2 TetraMesh is right for you.

CM2 TetraMesh is the most powerful and reliable C++ tetrahedral mesh generator on the market today. It generates high-quality tet meshes and is amazingly fast (over 10 000 optimized tets./s. on low cost PCs). But above all, it is very robust and works even on very difficult boundary data.

CM2 TetraMesh is a so-called conformal constrained mesh generator: it keeps the boundary triangle mesh -and intern prescribed (embedded) faces/edges/nodes if any- unmodified.
In case the boundary is not perfectly watertight, it can repair it by filling the gaps and removing overlapping elements.

As the other mesh components of the CM2 MeshTools library, CM2 TetraMesh is written in standard C++ (a COM interface is available for other languages) and has been validated on the most popular 32-bit & 64-bit platforms (Win32 & 64, CentOS 5 & 6, Mac OS-X ≥ 10.6).

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7 608 tets, 0.10 s. on Win64, Xeon E3 3.5 GHz.
(courtesy FEASoft)
218 339 tets, 2.68 s. on Win64, Xeon E3 3.5 GHz.
250 336 tets, 3.24 s. on Win64, Xeon E3 3.5 GHz.
11 576 tets, 0.15 s. on Win64, Xeon E3 3.5 GHz.
(courtesy MIDAS IT)
7 839 tets, 0.11 s. on Win64, Xeon E3 3.5 GHz.
(courtesy FEASoft)
349 137 tets, 4.72 s. on Win64, Xeon E3 3.5 GHz.
Last Updated ( Monday, 07 July 2014 )