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3D Aniso Meshes

  Tetrahedral aniso meshing with CM2 TetraMesh Aniso®
CM2 TetraMesh Aniso is just like CM2 TetraMesh but can generate stretched elements in the user-defined directions. This is useful in CFD computations or anywhere boundary layer meshes should be used.

As the other mesh components of the CM2 MeshTools library, CM2 TetraMesh Aniso is written in standard C++ (a COM interface is available for other languages) and is 64-bit ready.

To evaluate yourself this mesh generator, please fill-out this form.

Uniform 3D anisotropic mesh.
8 676 tetras, 1 766 nodes: 0.38 s. on Xeon E3 3.5 GHz.
Mesh with non-uniform 3D aniso metric field.
At centre, the elements are small and isotropic. Near the outer boundary, the elements are shorter along the radius direction.
6 307 tetras, 1 105 nodes: 0.48 s. on Xeon E3 3.5 GHz.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 06 June 2013 )