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CM2 HexaMesh: Hex-dominant mesh generator

  Hexahedral meshing with CM2 HexaMesh®
CM2 HexaMesh is our most recent and most sophisticated mesh generator. Like the other unstructured meshers of the library, CM2 HexaMesh is a Delaunay-frontal mesh generator (mixed approach), making this mesher a robust and efficient tool for 3D solid mesh generation.

CM2 HexaMesh is a constrained mesher: it enforces the boundary mesh (all-quads, all-triangles or mixed) and, if any, all the internal prescribed (embedded) nodes, edges and faces.

CM2 HexaMesh is an hex-dominant mesh generator: it builds meshes with 8-node hexahedrons and (usually) 6-node wedges, 5-node pyramids and 4-node tetrahedrons in a conformal way. There is no quad-triangle junction inside the mesh: each intern element face is shared exactly by two jointed elements.

CM2 HexaMesh offers the same functionalities as the other meshers in CM2 MeshTools:
  • Mesh mode or regularization mode (for an already existing 3D mixed mesh).
  • Background mesh, growth rate (to control the mesh density inside the domain).
  • Optimization level (to trade-off speed vs. elements quality).
  • Colors of the elements (when the domain has several sub-domains).
  • Neighbor matrix, quality histograms, interrupt handler, maximum allowable number of nodes...

As the rest of the CM2 MeshTools library, CM2 HexaMesh is written in optimized standard C++ and has been validated on the most popular 32-bit & 64-bit platforms (Win32 & 64, CentOS 5 & 6, Mac OS-X ≥ 10.6).
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981 hexes
(out of 3 397 elements, 72% of volume).
1.89 s. on Xeon E3 3.5 GHz.
35 021 hexes
(out of 84 709 elements, 81% of volume).
55 s. on Xeon E3 3.5 GHz.
26 947 hexes
(out of 58 847 elements, 82% of volume).
47 s. on Xeon E3 3.5 GHz.
4 143 hexes
(out of 29 802 elements, 53% of volume).
23 s. on Xeon E3 3.5 GHz.
Last Updated ( Monday, 07 July 2014 )