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Computing Objects is a software company specialized in high-performance C++ components for numerical computations, especially for the finite elements method (FEM).

We have developed two professional C++ libraries: CM2 MeshTools®, a very efficient library for mesh generation (triangles, quadrangles, surfaces and tetrahedrons), and CM2 FEM®, an amazing, easy-to-use and very fast FEM (finite element method) library for structural mechanical computations.

  CM2 MeshTools®
  CM2 MeshTools is a professional high-quality C++ library for 1-D, 2-D and 3-D mesh generation, including isotropic, anisotropic and 3-D surface mesh generators.

A Win32/64 COM wrapper is also available, making the library callable from other languages such as Visual Basic, C#, or Borland Delphi.

  CM2 FEM®
  CM2 FEM is a state-of-the-art C++ FEM engine for structural mechanical analysis: linear and non linear static analysis (large displacements & large strains), Euler and full non-linear buckling analysis, transient dynamics, modal analysis, seismic analysis.



  CM2 MeshTools and CM2 FEM are not stand-alone programs. They are "low-level components" packaged as precompiled dynamic libraries, or source code, to be integrated directly into your applications without royalty.

We can also build for you complete custom-made programs with these components (and others).
Contact us for consulting and specific development services.


Main audience

  • Software companies, ISV involved in numerical simulations (structural mechanics, bio-mechanics, electro-magnetism, plastic modeling, fluid analysis, 3-D imaging...)
  • Research centers and engineering departments for their own dedicated applications.
These libraries took many years of resarch & development. If you are looking for modern, validated and powerful FEM components to integrate into your applications, CM2 MeshTools and CM2 FEM are the right solutions to save time and boost your programs.
Last Updated ( Saturday, 15 November 2008 )