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CM2 MeshTools®


  High-performance C++ library for mesh generation.
  CM2 MeshTools is a high-quality library (C++ framework) for mesh generation, packaged as precompiled dynamic libraries, or source code, to be integrated directly into your applications without any royalty.

No complex file format: CM2 MeshTools is designed to be used directly through a clear interface (C++ API or COM IDL). You can interact directly with the meshers and save I/O time.

If you are looking for modern, reliable and powerful C++ mesh generators to integrate quickly into your applications, CM2 MeshTools is the right solution.

CM2 MeshTools is a C++ professional library including many automatic unstructured mesh generators: CM2 MeshTools is not for end-users but for software developing companies in the field of scientific computations (CAD-CAE) or for research centers for their own modeling applications.

CM2 MeshTools can be used effectively with our FEM engine CM2 FEM.

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  Professional library
The mesh generators in CM2 MeshTools are recognized as the most powerful and easy to use on the market today. They emphasize on efficiency (CM2 TetraMesh's speed is over 50 000 regularized tets/s. on Intel Ivy Bridge® 3.5 GHz), on reliability (extensively tested and used worldwide daily whithin many professional applications) and on high mesh quality (hybrid algorithm: advancing-front + Delaunay & excellent aspect ratio).
CM2 MeshTools has been regularly enhanced and improved since its first release to market in 1999.

Validated on various platforms
CM2 MeshTools is entirely written in standard (native) C++ with very efficient programming technics and can be compiled on most platforms with a decent C++ compiler.
Compiled and validated on the following platform/compiler pairs:
  • Win32 (NT4 ➝ 10): MS Visual Studio 2003 ➝ 2015.
  • Win64 (XP ➝ 10): MS Visual Studio 2005 ➝ 2015.
  • Linux x86 (CentOS 5, 6, 7): GCC 4.0 ➝ 6.1.
  • Linux x86-64 (CentOS 5, 6, 7): GCC 4.0 ➝ 6.1.
  • Mac OS-X x86-64 (≥ 10.6 "Snow Leopard"): clang 3.4 ➝ 3.8.

COM components
CM2 MeshTools is also available as COM components for Win32/64 making it callable from other languages than C++ such as Visual Basic, C#, or Borland Delphi.

Professional support
Any problem with the meshers? Any problem with the integration into your applications? Any specific need/development?
We offer quick and quality E-mail support with 48-hour response.

  Evaluation Download
  Evaluate the mesh generators of CM2 MeshTools on some precompiled examples (Win32/Win64) and contact us to evaluate the meshers on your own models and to get pricing information.

math1 High-performance math classes (vectors and matrices).
Used to exchange the data with the meshers.
meshtools General purpose functions and classes for mesh management (translation, rotation, extrusion, merging...)
meshtools1D Functions for 1D mesh generation and transformation (on straight lines, curved lines, arcs and splines).
meshtools2D Functions for 2D structured mesh generation and transformation (triangle, quadrangle).
meshtools3D Functions for 3D structured mesh generation and transformation (tetras, wedges, hexas).
CM2 TriaMesh® High-performance 2D triangle mesh generator.
CM2 QuadMesh® High-performance 2D quadrangular mesh generator, quad-only and mixed quad/triangle mesher (quad-dominant mesher).
CM2 SurfRemesh T3® & CM2 SurfRemesh Q4® 3D surface triangle and quadrangle non-manifold remeshers. Regenerate a 3D surface mesh (pure triangle, quad-dominant or pure-quad) on the geometry defined by an input triangle mesh (STL-mesh, strained mesh...)
CM2 TetraMesh® High-performance 3D tetrahedron mesh generator. This rock-solid tetra mesher offers unique high-speed, high-quality, high-reliability 3D mesh generation capabilities.
CM2 TetraMesh is also able to repair erroneous boundary meshes (gaps, overlapping elements...)
CM2 HexaMesh® New automatic 3D hex-dominant Delaunay-based mesh generator. This amazing mesher brings automatic boundary-constrained hex meshing to reality.
CM2 TriaMesh Aniso® High-performance 2D anisotropic and 3D surface triangle mesh generator (on parametric surfaces).
CM2 QuadMesh Aniso® High-performance 2D anisotropic and 3D surface quad mesh generator (on parametric surfaces).
CM2 TetraMesh Aniso® High-performance 3D tetrahedron anisotropic mesh generator.
3D surface meshes CM2 MeshTools contains three different components for 3D surface mesh generation:
  • Parametric 3D surfaces (such as NURBS/Bezier surfaces, trimmed or not) can be meshed via a template function based on one of the 2D anisotropic mesh generators (triangle and quadrangle).
  • CM2 SurfRemesh T3 addresses the problem of remeshing/optimizing an existing 3D surface triangle mesh. This component can be used to mesh STL surfaces (tessellated surfaces), to decimate 3D surface meshes or optimize any surface mesh (watertight or not, manifold or not).
  • CM2 SurfRemesh Q4 is similar to CM2 SurfRemesh T3, but generates quad-dominant or pure-quad meshes.

The isotropic meshers tend to generate equilateral elements (triangles, squares, tetras), whereas the anisotropic meshers can generate stretched elements along user-defined non-uniform directions (stretched triangles, rectangles, stretched tetras).

Download a trial version (Win32/64 only) or contact us for pricing.
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CM2 MeshTools®, with all its components and manuals, has been registered with the APP under numbers IDDN.FR.001.260002.00.R.P.1998.000.20700 (22/06/1998) and IDDN.FR.001.250030.00.S.P.1999.000.20700 (16/06/1999), and is regularly deposited since then.
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