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   CM2 TriaMesh (2-D triangle mesh generator).
   CM2 QuadMesh (2-D quadrangle mesh generator).
   CM2 TetraMesh (3-D tetrahedron mesh generator).
   CM2 HexaMesh (3-D hex-dominant mesh generator).
   CM2 SurfRemesh T3 (3-D surface triangle remesher).
   CM2 SurfRemesh Q4 (3-D surface quadrangle remesher).
   CM2 TriaMesh Aniso (2-D triangle anisotropic mesh generator) & parametric 3-D surface mesher.
   CM2 QuadMesh Aniso (2-D quadrangle anisotropic mesh generator) & parametric 3-D surface mesher.
   CM2 TetraMesh Aniso (3-D tetrahedron anisotropic mesh generator).
   CM2 Layers 2D (2-D boundary layers mesh generator).
   CM2 FEM (C++ solver engine for FEM mechanical analysis).
Please specify in the "Message" window below the type of analysis you are interested in: linear, non-linear, dynamic, 2D, shells, solids...
   Win32 x86
   Win64 x86-64
   Linux x86
   Linux x86-64
   Mac OS-X x86-64
   Others (please specify in the "Message" window below)
 Trial License Agreement 
  I -and my company/institution if any- agree to use any trial software from Computing Objects for internal evaluation only, to do no business with it and to remove it and all produced result files from any of my/our computers at the end of the trial period if I/we decide not to purchase a license.
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