CM2 FEM® Engines /release 4.2.1

by | Mar 10, 2017

  • 4.2.1
  • March, 2017
  • All CM2 FEM® Engines
  • Minor release of the CM2 FEM® Engines
  • Bug-fix update. Client applications need not to be recompiled against this update.



/new features





elementary_server, solver_Z_impedance

  • Wrong sign of the elementary gyroscopic damping matrices (beam and disk, following spin axis)


  • Convergence issues fixed (in cases of bad conditioning).

solver_modal, solver_buckling_Euler

  • Could crash.

solver_modal, solver_modal_gyroscopic, solver_mass, elementary_server

  • Crash with line mass models and hard offsets and FEM_LUMPED_MATRIX.


  • Fixed convergence issues with prescribed displacements and non-linear user_stiffness (with call-back).

/breaking changes


  • Initial solution data_type::initial is no longer considered as periodic.
    It’s used only now in the computation of the tangent stiffness matrix with non-linear models.
  • Dirichlet conditions (prescribed values), thermal loads and pre-strains are no longer not considered in RHS.