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1999 – 2019: Computing Objects turns 20

April 1999: Computing Objects is funded. 20 years of exciting work to develop, debug a bit..., streamline and optimize again and again the mesh generators of the CM2 MeshTools® Suite and the solvers of CM2 FEM®. A long trail and still a very interesting...

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May 2018: A New Website!

A new web site! This web site is not just a cosmetic spring clean-up. We hope it will ease your experience with our software components (better information through posts and newsletters, developer account for easier access to your downloads, management of support...

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The CM2 FEM® Engines 4.3.0 released!

Together with CM2 MeshTools 4.8.0, we've just released today CM2 FEM® Engines version 4.3.0 available right now from your account. Check the changelogs here. And of course feel free to give us your feedback! Damien.

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The CM2 MeshTools® Suite 4.8.0 available

Great news today! We have been hard at work and we've just released today our latest version of our renowned CM2 MeshTools® Suite: version 4.8.0 is available right now to download. Check the changelogs here. We truly hope you'll enjoy our latest software. Feel free to...

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