Today we are releasing new versions of the CM2 MeshTools® Suite and CM2 FEM® Engines.

Main focus were on:

  • OpenMP parallelization in CM2 SurfMesh® T3/Q4 and CM2 SurfRemesh® T3/Q4.
  • Major speed-ups on large and complex meshes across the entire CM2 MeshTools® Suite.
  • New features with import/export of global matrices and new thermal transient dynamics in both CM2 FEM® Engines.

For detailed information please refer to the CM2 MeshTools® Suite release notes and the CM2 FEM® Engines release notes.

Following several customer requests, we have unified the version numbers between the two libraries.

Please login to your account and go to your download page. Check the Version History (at the bottom of the download page) to get access to these previews.

Kind regards,

Damien LUCAS
CEO | lead developer