CM2 MeshTools SDK

current version: 5.3.0 (November 2022)

Modern, Reliable, Powerful and Fast Mesh Generators for your FEA/CGI Applications

CM2 MeshTools SDK is a collection of tools for mesh generation, designed for computer-aided design (CAD) + computer-aided engineering (CAE) independent software vendors (ISV) and scientific computations specialized research centers.

They provide the strong and reliable foundations needed to power the most demanding Finite Element Analysis (FEA) or Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) applications.

The mesh tools include plane meshers, surface meshers and solid meshers.
There are also specialized tools to correct and adapt existing mesh.

Plane Meshers

CM2 TriaMesh® Iso

CM2 TriaMesh® Iso

CM2 TriaMesh Iso is the Delaunay plane isotropic triangle mesh generator from the CM2 MeshTools SDK for plane equilateral triangle meshes.

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CM2 TriaMesh® Aniso

CM2 TriaMesh® Aniso

CM2 TriaMesh Aniso is the Delaunay plane anisotropic triangle mesh generator from the CM2 MeshTools SDK for plane stretched triangle meshes.

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CM2 QuadMesh® Iso

CM2 QuadMesh® Iso

CM2 QuadMesh Iso is the Delaunay plane isotropic all-quad / quad-dominant mesh generator from the CM2 MeshTools SDK for plane mixed quadrangle-triangle meshes.

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CM2 QuadMesh® Aniso

CM2 QuadMesh® Aniso

CM2 QuadMesh Aniso is the Delaunay plane anisotropic all-quad / quad-dominant mesh generator from the CM2 MeshTools SDK for plane stretched quadrangle-triangle meshes.

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Surface Meshers

CM2 SurfRemesh® Q4

CM2 SurfRemesh® Q4

CM2 SurfRemesh Q4 is the surface all-quad/quad-dominant remesher from the CM2 MeshTools SDK. The initial surface is defined by an all-triangle mesh (STL-mesh, deformed mesh, mesh too coarse or too fine…)
CM2 SurfRemesh Q4 can generate the input surface mesh for CM2 HexaMesh Iso.

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Solid Meshers

CM2 HexaMesh® Iso

CM2 HexaMesh® Iso

CM2 HexaMesh Iso is the Delaunay solid isotropic hex-dominant mesh generator from the CM2 MeshTools SDK for solid hybrid bricks (hexahedrons) / wedges (prisms) / pyramids / tetrahedrons meshes.
CM2 HexaMesh Iso can fill the volume inside the surface mesh generated by CM2 SurfMesh Q4 or CM2 SurfRemesh Q4.

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Specialized Tools

CM2 Intersect® T3

CM2 Intersect® T3

CM2 Intersect T3 is the surface triangle mesh repairer from the CM2 MeshTools SDK. The initial and final surface meshes are all-triangle meshes.
CM2 Intersect T3 can repair the input surface mesh for CM2 TetraMesh Iso.

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Easy + Efficient Integration

All the CM2 MeshTools SDK mesh generators have a similar interface and logic. Chain them together and produce complex meshes.

For example, start with CM2 SurfMesh T3 to create a surface mesh on the parametric model. Fix any intersections with CM2 Intersect T3 and refine locally with CM2 SurfRemesh T3. Finish with CM2 TetraMesh Iso to produce a high quality solid tetrahedral mesh.

Save IO time by directly interacting with the CM2 MeshTools SDK mesh generators: there is no complex file format.

Strong Foundations

CM2 MeshTools SDK has been regularly enhanced and improved since its first release to market in 1999.
Our latest edition, version 5.2.0, was released in May 2022.

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CM2 MeshTools SDK is written in streamlined standard C++ with a clear API.

Pre-compiled dynamic libraries and source code are available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple macOS.
See all provided builds.

Easy Integration with C++ on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple macOS

A COM interface is also available making CM2 MeshTools SDK callable from other languages such as Visual Basic, C#, F# and Delphi.

Microsoft .NET, Visual Studio, C-Sharp, F-Sharp and Delphi also available

Provided Builds

Pre-compiled dynamic libraries of the latest edition are also available to purchase with a large choice of versions:

Microsoft Visual Studio
Provided versions: 2010, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022

GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
Provided versions: 4.8, 6.1, 8.2 and 11.2

Provided versions: 12 and 13

Should you need a specific build, we'll be happy to help: just contact us.

Source Code

Source code is available for Microsoft Visual Studio (2010 and later), GNU Compiler Collection (GCC version 4.0 and later) and Clang (version 3.4 and later).

Available on Microsoft Visual Studio, GNU Compiler Collection and Clang.

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