CM2 SurfMesh Q4

current version: 5.5.0 (June 2024)

Surface All-Quad / Quad-Dominant Mesh Generator for CAD Models

CM2 SurfMesh Q4 is a surface all-quad / quad-dominant mesh generator based on CM2 QuadMesh Aniso, CM2 TriaMesh Aniso and OpenCascade (OCCT).

Main features:

  • Target mesh size, maximal chordal error, maximal mesh size gradation.
  • CM2 SurfMesh Q4 can automatically repair some topological errors of the CAD model (it can merge close vertices and close curves).
  • Meshes on the 3D surface can be isotropic (squares and equilateral triangles as much as possible) or anisotropic to reduce the number of elements keeping the same chordal error (stretched elements on fillets for instance).
  • CM2 SurfMesh Q4 can generate 9-node quads, 8-node quads and 6-node triangles with mid-nodes projected onto the exact CAD surfaces (curved faces) or not (plane faces).
  • CM2 SurfMesh Q4 can read B-Rep, IGES and STEP files or mesh directly any OCCT TopoDS_Shape object.

Quad-Dominant Mode

All-Quad Mode


  • Surface mesh generator
  • Isotropic or anisotropic
  • Hybrid Advancing-front & Delaunay
  • CAD models (B-Rep, IGES or STEP) or TopoDS_Shape OCCT objects
  • Quad-dominant or all-quad, linear or quadratic.
  • yes
  • ≥ 8 000 elements / s.

*Speed tests done on Win10 x64 Pro, Intel® Xeon E3 v2 1370 @3.5 GHz (turbo boost disabled), 8 threads.

Easy integration

CM2 SurfMesh Q4 is written in streamlined standard C++ with a clear API.

Pre-compiled dynamic libraries and source code are available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple macOS.
Visit the CM2 MeshTools SDK page to learn about all available builds.

Easy Integration with C++ on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple macOS

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Complementary Products

CM2 SurfRemesh® Q4

CM2 SurfRemesh Q4 is the surface all-quad/quad-dominant remesher from the CM2 MeshTools SDK. The initial surface is defined by an all-triangle mesh (STL-mesh, deformed mesh, mesh too coarse or too fine…)
CM2 SurfRemesh Q4 can improve/regenerate the input surface mesh for CM2 HexaMesh Iso for instance.

CM2 HexaMesh® Iso

CM2 HexaMesh Iso is the Delaunay solid isotropic hex-dominant mesh generator from the CM2 MeshTools SDK for solid hybrid bricks (hexahedrons) / wedges (prisms) / pyramids / tetrahedrons meshes.
CM2 HexaMesh Iso can fill the volume(s) inside the surface mesh generated by CM2 SurfMesh Q4 or CM2 SurfRemesh Q4 for instance.

Training + Custom Developments and Extensions

We love our code. As we have been and are still working hard to develop it, we know it inside out. No one is better suited to help you in many ways.

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We are open to suggestions to expand the boundaries of our CM2 MeshTools SDK and CM2 FEM SDK with new features tailored to your specific needs. We can also design and develop exclusive full custom-made code for you.