Hi all!

After months of development and testing, we are releasing today new versions of our C++ libraries CM2 MeshTools® Suite (mesh generation) and CM2 FEM® Engines (finite-element analysis).

Many thanks to our partner testers!

What can you expect from these new releases?

These versions bring mostly new reliability improvements. Specifically we have overhauled CM2 SurfRemesh® T3 & Q4 and focused heavily on the intersector CM2 Intersect® T3 and the solid meshers: CM2 TetraMesh® Iso & Aniso, CM2 HexaMesh® Iso.

We are introducing elasto-plastic constitutive laws and thermal conductivity analysis into our CM2 FEM Engines 2D & 3D.

For detailed information please refer to the CM2 MeshTools® Suite changelog and the CM2 FEM® Engines changelog.

You can download these new versions from today!

Please login to your account and go to your download page. From there you will be directed to the new release of our libraries.

Should your Support Services have expired please do get in touch so we can sort you out.

For those of you who are discovering our products, new demo and trial versions are also available from today.

I hope you’ll enjoy!

Damien LUCAS
CEO | lead developer