Today we are releasing versions 5.4.0 of the CM2 MeshTools® and CM2 FEM® SDKs.

New in this version:

  • CM2 MeshTools: improvements in the node-smoothing schemes and in the optimizers, especially in CM2 TriaMesh Iso/Aniso and CM2 TetraMesh Iso/Aniso when settings_type::no_clamped_edges_flag = true.
  • CM2 FEM: new 2D-MITC4 and improved MITC4 formulations for 2D, membrane and shell Q4 elements (on top of ANS formulation).
  • More…

For detailed information please refer to the CM2 MeshTools® SDK release notes and the CM2 FEM® SDK release notes.

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Kind regards,

Damien LUCAS
CEO | lead developer