CM2 Math1 /release 4.9.0

by | May 23, 2019

  • 4.9.0
  • May, 2019
  • CM2 MeshTools® 4.9.0 and CM2 FEM® Engines 4.4.0
  • Major release of the CM2 Math1 library
  • Due to changes in the API, client applications must be recompiled against the new headers



/new features

  • New parameter growth_rate (optional with default = 1) in member dense2d::reserve.
  • New exported classes UIntVec5, UIntVec7, DoubleVec5 and DoubleVec7.
  • New vecscal::subtract and matscal::subtract.


  • matmat::mult and matmat::transpose_mult: minor OMP improvements.



Several issues when the vector to be appended was empty:

  • If the matrix was not empty upon entry: returned false.
    Now returns true (and still leave the matrix unchanged).
  • If the matrix was empty upon entry: assert violation in DEBUG mode.
    Now the assert violation is silenced.

dense2D::segment_type, dense2D::const_segment_type, symmetric_full::segment_type, symmetric_full::const_segment_type

  • Issues with member _cols when user side was compiled in DEBUG mode but linked against a CM2 release build.

/breaking changes