CM2 Math1 /release 5.0.0

by | Aug 12, 2020

  • 5.0.0
  • August, 2020
  • CM2 MeshTools® 5.0.0 and CM2 FEM® Engines 5.0.0
  • Major release of the CM2 Math1 library
  • Due to changes in the API, client applications must be recompiled against the new headers


  • Lib names suffix is _50 for this series (unified with CM2 FEM).
  • Visual Studio 2010 and GCC 4.8 are deprecated and will be no longer supported in future versions.

/new features

  • New cm2::symmetric_sparse class with exported pre-instanciations (cm2::UIntSymSparse, cm2::IntSymSparse, cm2::FloatSymSparse, cm2::DoubleSymSparse, cm2::DoubleZSymSparse).
    This class implements a symmetric sparse matrix with compressed row storage (CRS).
    The math libraries cm2::vecscal, cm2::vecvec, cm2::matscal, cm2::matvec and cm2::matmat have been enhanced to support the new class (but some mixed operations between different classes of matrices are still missing).





/breaking changes

  • matrix_fixed<T, N, M>, symmetric_fixed<T, N>
    • Member data_col (resp. cdata_col) renamed into col_begin (resp. col_cbegin).
  • dense2D<T>, symmetric_full<T>
    • Member data_col (resp. cdata_col) renamed into col_begin (resp. col_cbegin).