CM2 MeshTools® Suite /release 4.7.2

by | Apr 15, 2017

  • 4.7.2
  • April, 2017
  • All CM2 MeshTools® Suite
  • Minor release of the CM2 MeshTools® Suite
  • Bug-fix update. Client applications need not to be recompiled against this update.



/new features





CM2 TetraMesh, CM2 TetraMesh Aniso, CM2 TriaMesh, CM2 TriaMesh Aniso

  • Remaining edges with two hard nodes even with mode.no_clamped_edges_flag = true.

CM2 SurfRemesh T3, CM2 SurfRemesh Q4

  • Erroneous behaviour with max_chordal_error < -1 (i.e. more than 100% of local curvatures) or with big positive values.
  • Curvatures could also be not fully properly taken into account due to misleading computation in meshtools1d::mesh_spline (see below).

All meshers (except Intersect and Layers)

  • mode.node_inserting_flag = false caused excessive CPU usage in optimization step.

CM2 HexaMesh, CM2 QuadMesh, CM2 QuadMesh Aniso, CM2 SurfRemesh Q4

  • mode.node_removing_flag = false was not fully obeyed (could still remove nodes).


  • meshtools1d::mesh_spline: erroneous computations of curvatures in some cases.
  • meshtools1d::mesh_curve_param: in case of high curvatures in the middle of the curve max_gradation didn’t reduce the metrics at the first and last nodes when it should have done so.
    This bug impacted (slightly) CM2 SurfMesh T3&Q4.
  • meshtools::NASTRAN_input: bug with free-field format.

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