CM2 MeshTools® Suite /release 4.7.3

by | Jul 10, 2017

  • 4.7.3
  • July, 2017
  • All CM2 MeshTools® Suite
  • Minor release of the CM2 MeshTools® Suite
  • Bug-fix update. Client applications need not to be recompiled against this update.



/new features





CM2 SurfRemesh T3, CM2 SurfRemesh Q4

  • Signal 8 (SIGFPE) raised in some cases (experienced only on some Linux distributions).
    This might also happen (although not actually observed) in other meshers with specific user-defined metrics (e.g. highly different metrics on very close boundary nodes).


  • meshtools1d::duplicate_surface_nodes_TH4: split nodes not properly assigned.
  • meshtools::get_elements_on_boundaries: crashed when one node ID in connectB
    was larger than ancestors.size().

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